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The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on 21st October 2019 at Trimpley Village Hall.

Give a gift, Raise a Smile - a campaign by Hollyfields Care Home for those feeling lonely and isolated this Christmas.  Please see poster here.


Proposed Schedule of meetings for 2019/20

The Parish Council normally meet on the third Monday of every calendar month, unless this has to be moved for valid reasons.

Calendar Month

Proposed Date of Parish Council meeting

May ‘19 (Annual Meeting of the Parish Council)
Mon. 13th May 2019 (brought forward 1 week)
June 2019
Monday 17th June
July 2019
Monday 15th July
August 2019
Monday 19th August
September 2019
Monday 16th September
October 2019
Monday 21st October
November 2019
Monday 18th November
December 2019
Monday 16th December
January 2020
Monday 20th January
February 2020
Monday 17th February
March 2020
Monday 16th March
April 2020 (Annual Parish Assembly)
Monday 20th April

LogoKidderminster Foreign derives its name from an old word forain, meaning outside. The Parish once included land that surrounded the very restricted limits of the Borough of Kidderminster. As the town grew, the “foreign” contracted until the present Parish of the Foreign comprises only the hamlets of Trimpley and Low Habberley and the Northwood area on the east bank of the River Severn.

The Parish lies within the Wyre Forest District Council area, in the County of Worcestershire. It is essentially rural in nature, made up of many scattered settlements, with a total electorate of around 780.

The Parish has a small attractive church in Trimpley, built in 1844, and a modern Village Hall and Social Club. The village school closed in 1983, and some children now attend Upper Arley C of E Primary School or Bewdley schools.

Trimpley Reservoir is in the North west corner of the Parish.

The Parish Council liaises closely with the County Council on Highways issues affecting the parish, and employs a contracted lengthsman for minor highway works. The Parish works with the District Council in emptying public litter bins under a localism contract, and reports incidences of fly-tipping. They also comment on each Planning Application which is formally registered with the District Planning office, and also with the police to minimise crime in the area. To this end, Smartwater kits were provided to each household in 2017 .